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Haulage Insurance

Whether you are an owner, operator or managing an entire fleet, your haulage business is at risk whenever your vehicles are off the road. Stagnancy is alarming for the transport industry—every second that any of your vehicles are sidelined threatens your earning potential. To ensure maximum profit and efficiency, your employees and vehicles need to be perpetually in motion. Keep them on the move with a hauliers’ insurance policy.

Hauliers’ insurance policies protect you from any loss or damage to goods that you are transporting. Without a hauliers’ policy, you could be liable for loss or damage, which can translate to substantial compensation claims that stop you in your tracks. Clear the road of any obstacles and ensure your own peace of mind with a reliable hauliers’ insurance policy.

Contract Conditions

Hauliers operate according to trade contract conditions that clarify each party’s responsibilities and liability. Typical conditions of carriage include the Road Haulage Association (RHA) conditions or the Freight Transport Association (FTA) conditions. You must be a member of these trade organisations in order to use their conditions of carriage.

Both RHA and FTA conditions of carriage allow hauliers to limit their liability to a certain amount per tonne, but this amount will never exceed the actual goods’ value. Hauliers’ insurance only covers the hauliers’ liability specified in the trade contract, not the actual goods they transport.

Make sure your contract wording also covers liability incurred under the Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par Route (CMR), ratified in the United Kingdom by the Carriage of Goods by Road Act 1965. The CMR is a United Nations convention that designates responsibility in the road movement of goods between two participating countries. The CMR facilitates easier travel across national boundaries by establishing standard trading practices and assigning liability, such as making the haulier responsible for shipment delays. Extra CMR liability should be addressed in your hauliers’ policy.

Underwriting Considerations

Insurers rely on underwriters to assess your risks and calculate your premium depending on several factors, including what goods are typically transported. Tanker operators, household removal specialists and hauliers that transport refrigerated goods are all subject to increased underwriter scrutiny due to the sensitivity of their cargo. Policies generally exclude specialist goods like livestock or explosives. It is possible to find policies which insure such specialist goods, though they are likely to have extra restrictions.

Typical Policies

Because hauliers may transport a wide variety of goods, insurers can include an equally wide breadth of cover in their policies.

Hauliers’ insurance policies are diverse. They can be based on a limited contractual liability basis or an all risks liability basis. Depending on your specific policy, it could include the following types of liability covers:

Other possible covers include goods in transit, employers’ liability, public/products liability and business interruption.


Insurers echo the array of different hauliers’ policies with a wide range of possible extensions, some of which are enumerated below:


The exclusions to the average hauliers’ insurance policy can be as numerous as the extensions. Common exclusions include the following:

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